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Whether your move to Cambridge is a family relocation, an exciting move to fulfil career progression or a first step away from home, we endeavour to make the process as hassle free as possible. You can expect a knowledgable, professional, friendly and helpful service from Tylers; a respected household name and key player in the local property markets since 1988. We strive to make moving in easy from the first viewing, through referencing and checks to completion of the tenancy agreement, then our property managers will look after your interests throughout the tenancy to return of your deposit; attending to repairs and maintenance promptly and with minimum fuss.

Our approachable staff are aware that whilst you may not own the bricks and mortar surrounding you, it is your home. We have the responsibility to ensure that it is maintained to a high standard and that you receive value for money from us.

We hope that you register your details with us here or contact us by telephone on (01223) 214400, or pop in to see us at 104 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 7AJ.

The Application Process

Once you've seen a property you love, your future home, give us a call or pop in to one of our shops where we can take the details of your offer and start planning towards your move date. Where we need the landlords approval we'll wait to take any application fees from you until we have confirmation from them, otherwise will take the relevant fees as detailed below. Please be aware that although we may take multiple offers, only one tenancy application will be considered for referencing and the property is held for you unless we are advised you cannot go ahead or references are unsuccessful.

You will need to provide us with the details of any living at the property, and anyone over the age of 18 years old will need to be included on the tenancy agreement. Any tenant over the age of 18 must sign the agreement and submit for referencing.

Ideally we will need 10 working days notice from application to move date, however we will try our hardest to move you in at the required date.

Once the fees have been received we will send you a link via email from Rent4Sure who will obtain your references. These may include; employer, landlord, credit scoring information, bank details, public searches, and details of CCJS (where applicable).

We will then send you the relevant tenancy documents, including the all important tenancy agreement.

Once satisfactory references have been obtained we will send a statement for the first month’s rent, along with the dilapidations deposit (usually 1.5x the monthly rent but may be equivalent to twice the monthly rent if there is a pet) and the check in fee. Future rents are payable by standing order.

Once referencing is complete, payment has been received and the tenancy agreement is signed we will organise a time to meet you at the house on the lease start date to hand over keys


On the day you move in….

A representative will meet you on the day of handing over keys, they will:

•   Check the property with you and advise of where your heating controls, stop cock and meters are located

•   Advise of inspection dates (if applicable)

•   Check keys for the property

•   Provide a copy of the EPC and Gas Safety Certificate (where applicable) and any other relevant safety inspections.

•   Provide contact details for your landlord, or our property managers along with the relevant bank account details

•   Read utility meters and advise providers of your tenancy including the local authority and water supplier

•   Provide you with a “Tylers contact number” to a senior member of our team. You will be able to contact us on this number for advice and assistance during your tenancy

Tenant Fees and Charges

Tenancy referencing and administration fee - £175 Including VAT per person (age 18+)

Guarantor reference fee - £60 Including VAT

First months rent - £ as agreed

Deposit - x1.5 months rent

Insurance policy premium - £ as quoted

Non standing order rent processing fee £3.00 Including VAT each occasion

Rent arrears - £36 Including VAT on each occasion the rent is overdue by 7 days

Resigning fee £60 Including VAT (negotiating terms and preparation of documents)

Check out fee - £TBC + VAT - dependant on the size of the property.

Check in fee of £66 including VAT

Useful Links

At Tylers we welcome your questions, queries, and the opportunity to provide helpful advice and guidance. The following lettings related links to associated websites may also yield useful information.