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Market Update

The Cambridge Housing Market – both sales and lettings – remains as buoyant as ever regardless of the ongoing turbulance surrounding "Brexit" and political unrest. It has always been the way of course, and the last 12 months have seen some truly spectacular rises in both capital values and rents. 

That unique combination of University City of international renown, centre of high-tech excellence and buoyant employment market has always ensured that our housing market weathers international economic storms far better than most. As the economy has improved and the budget deficit reduced the international community seems to be focussing on our City, bringing investment and a highly skilled workforce. Cambridge is set to welcome yet another specialist workforce from the multi-billion pound drugs giant AstraZeneca, this addition to the Addenbrookes teaching hospital site is placing further demand on the markets in the city and its surrounding villages.

Sales are still astonishingly strong with the city and close villages most in demand – nothing seems to change – Lettings continue to move from strength to strength with a seemingly never-ending supply of top-quality tenants. Investors seem keener on bricks and mortar than more volatile investment vehicles. When other investments are wobbling it seems rational to invest in property and the Guided Busway has now focussed attention on the villages between Cambridge and St Ives too. Property values outside of the centre are however surprisingly realistic and a steady stream of available tenants, wise investors are now looking closely just outside the City as well as the more traditional inner city locations.

The need for a quality professional agent is still high. Whilst our remit has in the eyes of many prospective sellers or landlords been that an agent is simply finding a buyer or tenant, it is really finding the best buyer or tenant after a period of intense and widespread promotion. Experience has shown that whilst extensive marketing over a reasonable period is more onerous for the agent it usually results in a substantially higher sale price or better "quality" tenant for the client and we make it our mission to deliver this.

At the end of the day high levels of service, provision of accurate advice by qualified industry accredited professionals and monitoring are important aspects of our business; crucial in fact! Our main objective is to do the best for our client, surpassing their expectations and delivering achieving the highest price is just a part of it!