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Mandatory Tenant Fees

(all include VAT):

Referencing and Administration fees:

These are charged to cover our costs in negotiating the terms of the tenancy, obtaining reference checks, preparing and executing tenancy documentation and ensuring that all supplier accounts are correctly set up:

Individual Assured Shorthold tenancies- £175 per adult tenant age 18+

Company let tenancies (where a company is the tenant renting for its employees)- £300

Check-in fee.

This is charged to contribute towards property managers’ time and expenses in arranging and attending the appointment where keys are transferred. At the “Check-in” appointment we will take time with you explaining all documentation, answering questions and ensuring that there are no misunderstandings. We will walk around the property with you to ensure that it is as you were expecting and that there are no issues requiring attention, we will take gas, electric and water meter readings to enable set up of accounts for you:


Check-out fee.

The landlord will pay for the provision of a detailed inventory and schedule of condition for the property. This report is compiled by a specialist provider and contains detailed descriptions of every aspect of the property including any marks or damage present when you move in, there will be numerous photographs in the report which is designed to protect both the landlords’ and your interests. The same specialist provider re-visits the property when you move out and compiles a report based upon the ingoing inventory and it is this report which is used to establish any “dilapidations” or damage above and beyond “fair wear and tear”. There is, as previously noted a mutual best interest in these reports and the cost is split on this basis with the landlord paying for the inventory when you move in and you paying for the check-out when you leave:

1 bed £102

2 bed £126

3 bed £150

4 bed £174

5+ bed £198

Non-Mandatory Tenant Fees

Not charged in all cases (all include VAT):

Guarantor Referencing and Administration fee:

Where it is agreed that a tenancy can go ahead but only with a guarantor in place to provide security for rent cover we will have to undertake referencing on this person, we will have to produce and execute a separate “Guarantor agreement” to stand alongside the tenancy agreement which you sign nb. the guarantor must be UK based:


Renewal fees:

These are charged where it is agreed that a tenancy will be extended for another fixed term. We will negotiate and agree terms for the new tenancy, prepare and execute documents, for this service the charge will be:


Late Payment fees:

These are charged where your rent is not paid on time. If rent is not paid within 7 days of the due date it can create problems for the landlord who may be relying on the rent to pay their mortgage or other expenses. We have to ensure that the rent is paid and it takes time both to chase these payments up and to advise or help the landlord hence our charge of:



We know that you will never intentionally incur the hassle of being locked out of your home! Unfortunately it can happen and if it does we will have to either visit in order to unlock the doors for you or arrange for an emergency locksmith. Where a locksmith attends and has to force a lock it will require replacement and you will have to cover this expense. Our charge where we attend will be:

£30 between 10:00 and 16:30 (Monday to Friday)

£60 at any other time or on any other day.

Property not ready for Check-Out:

Where a tenancy is ending and an appointment has been made for our inventory clerk to visit the property to take the check-out inventory it must be ready by the agreed time. If a property is not ready for this appointment there will be a charge to cover their wasted journey and time:


Additional works management fee:

If, as a result of damage deemed to be your responsibility, we have to arrange quotes and works to remedy the damage there will be a charge of:

10% of the invoiced value of the works.